Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2010 Gallery Archive Two
Jaron Hughes
School: Benson High School
Graduation Year: 2010
Title: Return of the Mummy, Crafts
I created a candle and incense burner using a ceramic coil pot method. My inspiration for this piece came from old movies and certain haunted areas at theme parks I had attended. I was working for a more menacing face that had the texture of a mummy; the coil technique was ideal for this task. I slowly constructed each layer with newspaper to support the openings I had created, and to support the piece as a whole. The extra strength was crucial for the smokestack-like pillars that would be a part of releasing the smoke and hot hair from the candles and incense. I took many influences into prospective while constructing this piece; where the holes in the face of the piece were was a major part of the decision. I took some old lessons from my chemistry class into consideration when pondering how to supply the candle within the piece with a steady supply of oxygen. The heat from the candle heats the air inside the piece and as the hot air rises, the cool air outside of the mouth is sucked in and this is where the incense is placed to burn. The cool air carries the smoke inside the piece and out the top, which portrays the haunting look that was desired.

Award: Excellent

Instructor: Amy Sather

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