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Workshop List Archive 2006
  Below is a list of Region 3A festival day workshops for 2006. Click the Instructor's name for a short bio.
African Dance and Drumming
Instructor: Autumn Compton
Max. Registrants: 32 (11 Registered)
Come learn West African Dance!
Students will explore the movement of West Africa by learning the fundamentals about African movement, the relationship between the dancing and drumming and the history of African movement in America and how it relates to other forms of dance. Learn about the Djembe and kpanlogo drums from Guinea and Ghana, and other percussive instruments from the region. Be prepared to shake it! If possible, wear clothing that is comfortable for dance.

Glass Bead Making for Jewelry
Instructor: Garrett Bitker
Max. Registrants: 21 (15 Registered)
Students will make glass beads using torches and glass rods. They will create jewelry from the beads.

Registering Project, but not Attending
Instructor: None None
Max. Registrants: (7 Registered)

We will find a space for you even though you registered late
Instructor: None None
Max. Registrants: (3 Registered)

Water Color Techniques
Instructor: Charlene Buescher
Max. Registrants: 25 (17 Registered)
We will use a variety of interesting techniques to create your version of two unique paintings.

Exciting, juicy, happy accidents in colliding color will make a semi abstract and traditional homestead landscape. Get rich, bold, loose color and have some great fun.

Sand Casting and Pouring Iron
Instructor: Larry Hubert
Max. Registrants: 30 (18 Registered)
Students will create a design in three dimensions from foam and cast it in aluminum. Students must wear leather shoes and longpants to besafe when casting iron.

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