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Workshop List Archive 2009
  Below is a list of Region 3A festival day workshops for 2009. Click the Instructor's name for a short bio.
A holding workshop for those registered for a cancelled workshop.
Max. Registrants: 100 (0 Registered)

Entering the competition but not attending
Max. Registrants: 100 (15 Registered)

Worshops full select at the event
Max. Registrants: 100 (5 Registered)

Water Color Techniques
Instructor: Charlene Buescher
Max. Registrants: 25 (12 Registered)
We will use a variety of interesting techniques to create your version of two unique paintings.

Exciting, juicy, happy accidents in colliding color will make a semi abstract and traditional homestead landscape. Get rich, bold, loose color and have some great fun.

Glass Bead Making for Jewelry
Instructor: Garrett Bitker
Max. Registrants: 21 (21 Registered)
Students will make glass beads using torches and glass rods. They will create jewelry from the beads.

Sand Casting and Pouring Aluminum
Instructor: Larry Hubert
Max. Registrants: 24 (26 Registered)
Students will create a design in three dimensions from foam and cast it in aluminum. Students must wear leather shoes and longpants to besafe when casting iron.

Beaded jewelry
Instructor: Erin Richards
Max. Registrants: 14 (10 Registered)
Students will make bracelets and necklaces using a variety of beads and techniques

Song Writing
Instructor: Shannon Helgeson
Max. Registrants: 15 (6 Registered)
This workshop will feature tips and tricks for getting started writing your own songs. Traditional and digital methods will be explored. All levels of musicianship are invited. If you play an instrument that you think might be helpful, you are encouraged to bring it along. The goal is for each to come away with at least the beginnings of an original song of their own

Artistic Flower Arranging
Instructor: Erin (Elizabeth) Tikkala
Max. Registrants: 15 (2 Registered)
This fragrant workshop includes a) care and handling of fresh flowers, b) making bows, boutineers and corsages, and c) a small table arrangement. Please bring a small water safe container no bigger than 5 inch diameter. This may make an excellent gift for mom or someone close!

PhotoShop Techniques
Instructor: Alma Hale
Max. Registrants: 13 (10 Registered)
Students will start with an image to be scanned or a copy of an image they created stored on a jumpdrive. The image they will manipulate starts as a black and white drawing or photo. Through various techniques it is painted in Photoshop. They may print out the image on drawing paper and further refine the image with colored pencil or whatever is needed.

Hip-hop and You Don't Stop!
Instructor: Leah Nelson
Max. Registrants: 20 (9 Registered)
Join Leah Nelson as she teaches you dance styles from Old Skool to New Skool including the basics of locking, popping and b-boying. Have fun getting Knowledge, Culture and Skills!

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