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Workshop List Archive 2012
  Below is a list of Region 3A festival day workshops for 2012. Click the Instructor's name for a short bio.
A holding workshop for those registered for a cancelled workshop.
Max. Registrants: 100 (2 Registered)

Entering the competition but not attending
Max. Registrants: 100 (9 Registered)

Worshops full select at the event
Max. Registrants: 100 (1 Registered)

Beaded jewelry
Instructor: Erin Richards
Max. Registrants: 14 (14 Registered)
Students will make bracelets and necklaces using a variety of beads and techniques

Water Color Techniques
Instructor: Charlene Buescher
Max. Registrants: 25 (12 Registered)
We will use a variety of interesting techniques to create your version of two unique paintings.

Exciting, juicy, happy accidents in colliding color will make a semi abstract and traditional homestead landscape. Get rich, bold, loose color and have some great fun.

African Dance and Drumming
Instructor: Whitney McClusky
Max. Registrants: 25 (14 Registered)
Learn some basic African Dance and Drum

Sand Casting and Pouring Aluminum
Instructor: Larry Hubert
Max. Registrants: 24 (9 Registered)
Students will create a design in three dimensions from foam and cast it in aluminum. Students must wear leather shoes and longpants to besafe when casting iron.

Chalk Drawing
Instructor: Jennifer Gillis
Max. Registrants: 15 (8 Registered)
students will practice techniques used in chalk drawing

Box Constructions: Creating the Treasure
Instructor: Dan Wahl
Max. Registrants: 12 (10 Registered)
Boxes. They can hold treasures. The thing about treasure is, you never know what it is until you open the box. We'll use this approach of discovery to create box constructions, 3-dimensional collage-assemblages using found objects. We will also explore traditional 2-D paper collages.

Paper Flowers
Instructor: Moriah Demers
Max. Registrants: 13 (5 Registered)
Students will create paper flowers using origami and other paper folding techniques. Students will learn to create a complete, unique paper floral arrangement utilizing multiple types of paper flowers. Paper flowers make beautiful decorative displays, art projects, gifts, accessories and even jewelry!

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