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  Below is a list of Region 3A festival day workshops for 2015. Click the Instructor's name for a short bio.
A holding workshop for those registered for a cancelled workshop.
Max. Registrants: 100 (1 Registered)

Entering the competition but not attending
Max. Registrants: 100 (5 Registered)

Worshops full select at the event
Max. Registrants: 100 (1 Registered)

Fly Tying/Jewelry
Instructor: John Woodhall III
Max. Registrants: 20 (19 Registered)
John A. Woodhall III <br />BSA Certified Angling Instructor<br />The students in this session will have the option of tying a fly for fishing or a decorative broach on a gold plated facsimile of a hook. The fake hook is large enough to make a decorative fly pin for use on a garment or used as a hat pin. Another option will be to design and tie a necklace. The students who want to tie a working fly will be doing a Wooly Bugger. This fly is the normal fly we have students tie for their first time. It is larger so it is easy to work with and covers the basic tying techniques. The materials will be pre cut and ready for assembly. This is one of the best flies to fish with and is very affective in this area for both bass and pan fish. The students will all learn the about the basic fly tying techniques. The students will also learn how to and use use basic fly tying tools and vises. They will learn about the different types of materials that will include feather types, wire, thread, beads chenille and floss used in the process. All these items as well as various shapes of natural and dyed feathers including feathers from wild birds such as pheasant, duck and turkey will be available for their use in designing the pin or necklace. The students doing the decorative flies will get to choose the color combinations of feathers, shape and other materials for their designs. The gold plated pin will cost $ 3.00, there will be no charge for the other materials. I will work through the process with the students and they will have a set of instructions. I will also have a display of over a hundred fly fishing flies along that will include streamers, nymphs, wet flies terrestrials and dry flies. If there is time for those who like to fish, I will explain how entomology relates to the fly designs that represent fish food sources..

Gel Printing
Instructor: Nancy Carlson
Max. Registrants: 20 (7 Registered)
It is a low-tech printing method for use with fabric or paper. It requires easy to assemble equipment using unflavored gelatin from the grocery store as its base. Add designs with stencils, stamps or various found objects and the results can be very dramatic.

Watercolor-Wet & Wild
Instructor: Julia Iverson
Max. Registrants: 20 (18 Registered)
In this session we will be exploring the magic of watercolor as a painting medium. All supplies will be provided and students will discover why watercolor can be an exciting media for artistic expression.

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