Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2017 Gallery Two
Jack Ryan, Luke Ryan,
School: BOLD
Graduation Year: 2017
Title: Mom's Surprise, Crafts

Our inspiration came from wanting to do something special for our
> mother. Fortunately we have an art teacher to embrace our project
> idea. We have been taught the necessary steps to begin our new
> challenge. This meant working together, compromising, designing,
> changing and finding new solutions, material construction, use of
> power tools, and making the table structurally strong. The year long
> project taught us a ton. Some examples would be selecting the best
> design, materials and decided to use pine and cedar wood and branches
> that are native to our environment. We felt using these available
> woods would make our table unique and give it unity by color and
> repetition. We used a basic design concept of using small, medium, and
> large shapes to create visual interest. This is evident in the top
> design of the table. We selected a satin finish to enhance color and
> grain of the wood. The last detail was adding real cedar branches to
> give the table an additional surprise. We enjoyed the entire project.

Award: Superior

Instructor: Bill Gabbert

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