Rules For Membership





Here is a list of all of the machines along with a description of how the machine will benefit to the part of your body.

We have one set of dumbells, ranging from 3-50 Pounds.
Treadmill 3
Here we have our third set of treadmills. Our newest set of treadmills.
Exercise Bicycle
Will help your calf muscles.
You are able to do biceps curls & thigh pushdown. It will help your biceps, forearms and thigh muscles.
Seated mid row and vertical bench press. Will help your back, upper shoulders and chest muscles.
Treadmill 1
Run on this and it will help strengthen your leg muscles and keep your body in a healthy shape.
Treadmill 2
Run on the treadmill to strengthen your legs and to keep in shape.
Toe raise and leg press. This machine will help strengthen the calf, thigh and buttocks muscles.
Pulldown and high row, will help arms, back and bicep muscles.
Outer thighs and inner thighs, will help your thigh muscles.
Nustep TRS4000
Will help strengthen your leg muscles.
Work Out Station
In the corner of the gym, the work out station will allow you to lift, pull, or push under how much weight you want.