Rules For Membership



1. Hours and Operation:

  • Sunday Through Saturday - 5:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

2. Age Requirement:

  • This is an adult membership Fitness Center. You must be 18 Years of age or older to belong/ No Children will be allowed in the facility.

3. Entry and Exit:

  • Your electronic membership card will allow you access into the facility. Please enter at the North door (parking lot door) into building. Your card will allow you access to thhis North Door and the door to the Fitness Center Room.
  • You must not leave doors unlocked or open at any time. keep your badge with you at all times.
  • If you lose your door entry card, please contact Dixie Severson, immediately at the Fitness Center and your card will be inactivated. There is a $20.00 fee for all cards that are not returned to the Fitness Center, you should decided not to be a member if you lose your card.
  • Your entrance and exit into the building and Fitness Center is electronically tracked by our automated computer system for your safety and protection.


  • a. $20.00/month per person
    • a. Patrons may also elect automatic checking account withdrawl
    • b. Patrons may also choose to pay their membership by credit card.
  • Prepaid yearly memberships recieve two months free ($200.00)
  • Guest/Trial cards can be purchased for $20.00 ($5.00 will be refunded when card is returned). These cards will be good for 5 visits to the Fitness Center.
  • There will be a $30.00 fee for all checks returned to us by the banks.

5. Payment Procedures:

  • Pay via check, cash or credit card at the WWG School District Office during normal business hours. You may also mail payment to: WWG Community Education, Westbrook Area Wellness Center, 344 8th Street - Westbrook, MN 56183

6. Membership Card:

  • Your membership card is also your access card. It will not work if you attempt to enter outside the stated "Hours of Operation", or if your membership fees have expired. You must return your card after your membership has expired (a $20.00 fee will be assessed for all un-returned membership cards).
    • a. Procedure to Enter: Hold your card in front of the reader. When your car is detected, agreen light will briefly show and a beep will sound. Simply PULL to open the door.
    • b. Access: All members have access to the North (parking lot) door, and to the Fitness Center room door.


  • Membership is not transferable to other persons.

8. Physician Awareness:

  • By signing this form, (General Information and Rules for Membership Form), and the Informed Consent and Release of Liability Form, you acknowledge that you have discussed an exercise program with your physician and have recieved permission to do so.

9. Medical Conditions:

  • If you have a meidcal condition inhibiting, you will take the precautions necessary and assume any or all risks.

10. Assumption of Risk:

  • Exercise is voluntarily performed at your own risk.

11. Injuries:

  • If you should incur an injury at the Westbrook Wellness/Ftiness Center, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to seek appropriate care.

12. Dress Code:

  • Pants or shorts, socks, shoes, and t-shirts must be worn. no jeans or cut-off jeans are allowed as they may tear the equipment.
    • a. Non-marking tennis shoes
    • b. Must be clean.
  • We recomment a separate (Fitness Center) pair of tennis shoes. No street shoes inside Fitness Center.

13. Property Damage or Loss:

  • The Westbrook Wellness/Fitness Center is not responsible for any property lost, stolen, or damaged while you are using the facility.

14. Use of Equipment:

  • You promise to use the equipment as it is intended and instructed. if you misuse the equipment and damage it, you will be responsible for the cost to repair it.

15. When Equipment Malfunctions:

  • If a piece of equipment is malfunctioning, please put an available "out of order" sign on it and do not attempt to fix it yourself.

16. Penalties for Breaking Rules:

  • Membership will be canceled, and no refunds will be issued.

17. Water is allowed:

  • Water is allowed in the fitness center, but no other food or beverages.

18. Radios and Walkmans:

  • Are allowed with a headset feature.

19. Questions and Concerns:

  • Any questions or concerns concerning equipment or procedures, please contact:
    • Mr. Loy Woelber - (Mornings - 507-859-2141) - (Afternoons - 507-274-5450)

20. Building Emergency:

  • For immediate attention in solving heating, plumbing, etc. problems, please contact:
    • Stan Erickson - (507-274-5639) or
    • Betty Snyder - (507-274-6307)