Lesson Plans
Lesson Plans
Week: 02/06/2006 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements:Very busy week ahead. Our Pops Concert is on Monday, February 13, and this is a shortened week, so we will be diligent in memorizing and polishing our choir numbers and special groups selections! ATTIRE FOR THE POPS CONCERT: Good looking jeans, pants, khakis, colorful shirt, top, or sweater. TRANSLATION: NO T-SHIRTS. This week we will go to full schedule of solo and ensemble practices, concentrating on choosing the songs and vocal development for the performers. The junior (class) mixed ensemble continues this year and we are hopeful of organizing a freshman mixed ensemble. We have a number of girls ensembles created and at least one boys' quartet. At this time we have about 16 soloists signed up. There are no field trips on the immediate horizon; our boys who attended the Barbershop clinic in Jackson had a great time learning and singing. After the Pops concert we will turn our attention to large group contest. We will return to Luverne again this year. CALENDAR NOTE: LARGE GROUP CONTEST -APRIL 1ST, A SATURDAY MORNING! The following week small group contest is in Fulda, on April 8th. The events begin around 3:00 I believe.
Literature: We will set our contest music aside this week and concentrate solely on our Pops Concert Music, so students are ready and confident. Memory and coordination with the accompaniment are our two goals.
Theory and Sight Reading: We are stressing sightreading 4-part music with solfege (do-re-mi- etc.)New keys and accompanying scale structure will be introduced this week.

Voice Skills: The emphasis will be placed on using what we have learned since Christmas and applying it to our Pops songs. No new concepts will be explored this week.