Lesson Plans
Lesson Plans
Week: 10/19/2009 Instructor: Derrick Jenniges Academics
Phonics - short vowel a, phonics chart "My Cat Sam", practice blending, rhyming/word families
Spelling - pretest list 1
Reading - prior knowledge p 10j, big book "Feathers for Lunch", word wall p 10L, read "The Nap" p 10-17
Writing - G
Math - POD Spiral, Numbers to Subtract / Zeros in Subtraction p 65-68
Social Science - Scarecrow art
Small Groups -
Phonics - short vowel matching, short a wksht
Spelling - sparkle
Reading - wkbk, read "My Cat", p 17e, grammar p 17h
Writing -
Math - POD Spiral, vertical / dominoe subtraction p 69-70
Social Science - scarecrow art
Small Groups - quiet reading
Phonics - magazine search short a words, "My Cat Sam"
Spelling - practice list 1
Reading - read "Oh Cats" p 18-35, wkbk, level readers, search room for ending sounds, word wall sentences p 41b
Writing - D
Math - Dominoe Subtraction, more / less than cube game
Social Science - Intro to the Human Body Unit
Small Groups -
Phonics - short a scavenger hunt
Reading - reading rotation (4 stories), review ABC order, short vowel game "Oh Nuts"
Spelling - practice activity
Writing - O
Math - POD Spiral, chckpt p 71-74
Social Science - Human Body
Small Groups -
Phonics - Bingo
Spelling - Post LIst 1
Reading - Station Rotation
Writing -
Math - Subtraction to Compare p 77-78, chckpt test review p 81-82
Social Science - Human Body

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