Lesson Plans
Lesson Plans
Week: 09/13/2010 Instructor: Lairdie Kells Academics
Reading:5A wksh on generalization, read the Lion and the Ant
5B: 10 important sentences, selection test, read the Orphan Train
Social: Map folder Mon. Learn next five states. Wksh Vasco da Gama
Lang. Arts.five complex sent.
Reading:p 81-85 Read and Collect information, fact and opinion
Social: map folders Tues. Parallel time lines assign. p. 30, 31
Lang. Arts:
Social: Map folder Wed. make time line. 131 and ques. p.131
Social: map folder Thurs: Read p 130- 133 Map Columbus's early life
Lang. Arts: Constitution types of sent. and capitalization
Social: state test, map folder Fri. Map of Columbus's four voyages
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