Lesson Plans
Lesson Plans
Week: 10/21/2013 Instructor: Lairdie Kells Academics
Reading: Drawing Conclusion, 5B Story map and elements from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow
5A Read Charles Question 1-25Wrksheet on drawing conclusions
Social: State study guide for state test on Friday, vocab cards to study for Thursday quiz
5B assignment on Magellan, 5A assignment on Spanish Conquistadors
Lang: Assignment on using commas
Reading: Drawing Conclusions 5 A read Sarah Tops and answer question 1-25
5B Read The Missing Ring and fill out story map using complete sentences read together p 79-82 assignment: 83-86
Social: Review over Section 3 The Founding of New Spain answer questions in complete sentences
Language: Quiet Reading
Reading: Drawing Conclusions: 5 A Read the story together The Chaser
5B read p 87-90 assign p. 91-93
Social: Spanish Conquistadors matching
Language: Greek root "Graph" assignment worksheet

Vocab quiz
Prairie Winds
Reading Writing a mystery Proofreading test and TFK
Social : French explorers and map work, state test
Language: rules for plural nouns assignment worksheet