Lesson Plans
1st Grade Music 3rd Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/01/2010 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Do call chart and coloring sheet for Syncopated Clock.
Immediately begin our next Classical listening piece.
Vocalize:Low voice, middle voice, high voice
Kodaly Work:practice meter with another story, use white boards for writing note names
Instruments:Play and sing Bounce High, use glockenspiels
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural:Anton Firulero 2A, Boa Constrictor
Mvt./Activities:(new) "Wind It This a Way" tell a story
Vocalize:breathing practice, handsign echos
Kodaly Work:dictations, board song
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural:America 2A, Pop Goes the Weasel
Mvt./Activities:As I Was Walking, teach Pop Goes the weasel
Vocalize:starting the sound with air
Kodaly Work:song booklets, transparencies
Instruments:add percussion to booklet songs
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural:I Lost My Glove 1B
Mvt./Activities:Somebody Waiting
Vocalize:head tone with air spinning
Kodaly Work:handsign singing, letter ladder, human piano
Instruments:play some percussion with Lucy Locket, then play game
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural:Old Brass Wagon 2A
Mvt./Activities:Billy Billy