Lesson Plans
1st Grade Music 3rd Q 10.11 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/17/2011 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
No School
Concepts this Week:start song booklets with reading sol-mi and la-sol-mi
Vocal Development:breath
Kodaly Work:Bounce High, transp. new note
Instruments: none today
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural:Sunny Meadow p. 13
Mvt./Activities:play with tennis balls
Vocal Development:energized breath
Kodaly Work:song booklet, analyze Clock Song
Instruments:wood blocks, triangle with clock song
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural:She'll Be Comin'
Mvt./Activities:Cut the Cake
Vocal Development:open throat
Kodaly Work:transp. and song booklets, analyze snow man song
Instruments:drum patterns with snow man song
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural: Old Dan Tucker p. 20
Mvt./Activities:As I Was Walking
Vocal Development:sirens and head voice
Kodaly Work:transp. and song booklets, analyze acka backa
Instruments:composing mats and chips
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural:Skip to My Lou p. 21
Mvt./Activities:Billy Billy