Lesson Plans
2nd Grade Music 1st Q 10.11 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/11/2010 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Finish oral tests today
Vocal Development:cycle with abdominal lift
Kodaly Work: Bow Wow story, Ghosty poem, review worksheet
Instruments:Ghosty poem with rattling bones, creaking doors, spiders in basement
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural: I Have a Car
Mvt./Activities:Bow Wow game
Vocal Development: shrug, side stretch, vocal registers
Kodaly Work: review Bow Wow, story for Who's That
Instruments: do mallet ostinatos with Bow Wow
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural: Whoa Mule p.18
Mvt./Activities: Play Bow Wow, Who's That?
Vocal Development:knee flex, back stack, slow sip, From Wibbleton to Wobbleton
Kodaly Work:Review inner hearing, easy worksheet, story about the train
Instruments:drums with Who's That
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural: Jimmie Crack Corn p.22
Mvt./Activities:John Kanaka
Vocal Development: smooth legato descending patterns, 'put that cat'
Kodaly Work:review Train, do fish story for new rhythm pattern
Instruments:try out the new pattern with maracas and claves
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural:Shake Hands Mary p.3, Critter Song p.8
Mvt./Activities: Cheyenne Hand Passing Game