Lesson Plans
2nd Grade Music 2nd Q 10.11 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/06/2010 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Concepts for the Week: deriving Re and half notes from known songs, reading in new songs
Vocal Development: breath and alignment review, sing ostinato with Bow Wow
Kodaly Work: practice half notes, letter ladder with re, intervals, derive Bow Wow
Instruments: use xylophones with Re pattern
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural: Tue Tue p. 16 book
Mvt./Activities:add movement for phrases of Bow Wow
Songs of the Season: Rudolph
Vocal Development: head voice, spinning the breath, do ostinato with Who's That
Kodaly Work: derive Who's That, begin one page of transparencies
Instruments: add interval patterns on bells with re for accompaniment, half notes maracas
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural: Sweetheart Out a- Hunting p. 24 book (melodic direction)
Mvt./Activities: Play Who's That
Songs of the Season: Up on the Housetop
Vocal Development: singing do - sol, and do - mi in tune, sing patterns with Josie
Kodaly Work: derive Josie, more transparencies do echo patterns children lead
Instruments: more children play patterns with Re, half notes with rainmakers
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural: Suo Gan p. 25 half notes, and Re
Mvt./Activities: Play Jim Along
Songs of the Season: Jolly Old St. Nicholas
Vocal Development: more head voice, pulsating breaths, sing Jim Along
Kodaly Work:spaces and lines review, do cups on the floor
Instruments: use xylophones and metallophones for half notes with Jim Along
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural: My Silver Whistle p. 27 melodic direction
Mvt./Activities: none today
Songs of the Season: Santa Claus is Comin' To Town
Vocal Development: working some with resonance and m, n, and v to start sound
Kodaly Work: rhythms at the board, echo singing and chain singing with students leading
Instruments: (rhythm instruments for above activity)
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural: Hurry Little Pony p. 37 half notes, Christmas Song
Mvt./Activities:movement for Who's That
Songs of the Season: Its' Beginning to Look