Lesson Plans
2nd Grade Music 3rd Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/08/2010 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Vocalize:floating, spinning sound
Kodaly Work:song booklets, board work with writing notes, space/line
Folk/Multi-Cultural:Barnyard Song, WB series
Mvt./Activities:Come with Me and Dance, I Wanna Be a Friend
Vocalize:humming, holding a note
Kodaly Work:transparencies, letter ladder, circle rhythms talk about half note rests, single eighth notes
Folk/Multi-Cultural:Michael Row the Boat Record 2B song 7
Mvt./Activities:Draw a Bucket
Vocalize:echo singing, chain singing of concept songs
Kodaly Work:vary dynamics with songs, meter, step intervals,patterns on bells
Folk/Multi-Cultural:Jimmie Crack Corn Record 2B song 5
Mvt./Activities:Who's That, I Have a Car
Substitute on Thursday and Friday:
Wake Me record 1A song 2 use tambourines
The Allee Allee record 1A song 3 use triangles
Get on Board record 1A song 12 use sand blocks and train whistles
The Critter Got Away record 1B song 6 do actions as desired
Emma Lou My Darling record 1B song 8
Dors Dors Mon Petit add xylophones as desired
"What Do You Hear" record 2A
Michael Row record 2B song 7
Rocky Mountain Record 2B song 8