Lesson Plans
2nd Grade Music 3rd Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/15/2010 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Vocalize:chain sing concept songs, stretch, registers
Kodaly Work:finish up last children to conduct, page in song booklets
Instruments:add drums and color percussion to booklet songs
Folk/Multi-Cultural:Tue, Tue 2A
Mvt./Activities:Play Bow Wow Wow
Vocalize:breathing, pitch matching one at a time
Kodaly Work:stop/go inner hearing, begin a class song, transparencies
Instruments:percussion with transparency song
Folk/Multi-Cultural:Rocky Mountain 2B
Mvt./Activities:Who's That, I Wanna Be a Friend
Vocalize:sing Row, Row, Row
Kodaly Work:do another meter story, do rhythm canon, human piano
Instruments:use drums, sticks with the rhythm canon
Folk/Multi-Cultural:Suo gan 2B
Mvt./Activities:I Have a Car, Draw a Bucket
Vocalize:breathing, head tone
Kodaly Work:patterns on bells,compose practice with mats and chips
Instruments:add a pattern to a concept song
Folk/Multi-Cultural:My Echo song
Mvt./Activities:new game of Button
Do listening activities today with our Classical Listening piece.