Lesson Plans
3rd Grade Music 1st Q 10.11 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/13/2010 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Vocal Development: belly breathing
Kodaly Work:mats and chips
Instruments:dictations on bells in groups of 5 again
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural: Old Dan Tucker
Mvt./Activities:Draw a Bucket
Vocal Development: easy inhale, slow exhale
Kodaly Work:class song start
Instruments:percussion with My Old Hammer
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural:Mama Paquita
Mvt./Activities: Rhythm in My Head
Vocal Development:yawny feeling inside of mouth and throat
Kodaly Work:finish class song,
Instruments:Old Hen song
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural:But the Cat Came Back
Mvt./Activities:Shoo Fly
Vocal Development: breath in the sound
Kodaly Work:notes worksheet
Instruments:add fun percussion to Old Hen
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural: The Tree in the Wood
Mvt./Activities:Duck Dance
Vocal Development: head voice and floating up and down sound
Kodaly Work: dictations bells and drums
Instruments: none
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural:Old Joe Clark
Mvt./Activities:Button You Must Wander