Lesson Plans
3rd Grade Music 3rd Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/15/2010 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Vocalize:side stretch, shrug, slow sip, oo vowel on sol-mi-do
Kodaly Work:Sing Hoe Down, do transp.
Instruments:Practice circle rhythms
Folk/Multi-Cultural:Alouette 2B
Mvt./Activities: Cheyenne, body mvt. for low la and low sol
Vocalize:same as yesterday
Kodaly Work:do class song
Instruments:erase a rhythm
Folk/Multi-Cultural:Che Che Koolay 2A
Mvt./Activities: Alabama Gal
Vocalize:singing a phrase on a breath, alleluia vowels
Kodaly Work:begin own composition
Instruments:partner rhythms
Folk/Multi-Cultural:Oh What a Beautiful City 2A
Mvt./Activities: John Kanaka
Vocalize:relaxed vowels, sing a phrase
Kodaly Work:continue own composition
Instruments: none today
Folk/Multi-Cultural:Chicka Hanka 3A
Mvt./Activities: Dr. Knickerbocker
Kodaly Work:dictations, sing solfege, rhythm syllables
Instruments:some students may want to play their own compositions
Folk/Multi-Cultural:Epo I Tai Tai
Mvt./Activities:Bow Belinda
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