Lesson Plans
7-8 Charger Chorus 4th Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/12/2012 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements:Time for quarter four goals.
Voice Skills: Creating inside space, getting a ringing quality in the voice, experimenting with resonance, more managed or controlled exhalation, shore up our abilities to hold our parts.
Theory and Music Reading Skills: 6/8 meter rhythms, continue with key of C reading in both bass and treble clef, continue reading our "Hymn to Joy" with do-re-mi syllables.
Analysis Skills: Everyone will analyze Rhythm of Life and then boys will analyze "This Train" and girls will do "Rainbow's End".
Repertoire: We will be starting the boys piece "This Train" and the girls' piece "Just Beyond the Rainbow's End" this week. We are singing two four part songs, the boys are singing a three part piece and the girls' piece is challenging vocally for both sopranos and altos.