Lesson Plans
7-8 Life Music 1st Q 10.11 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/20/2010 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Music Theory: 7th graders study for quiz in the key of C, note names, scale names. 8th graders in the key of G.
We will do chords in the two keys this week, corresponding with the guitar chords students are learning.
They may take the test when they are ready and have it marked on their checkoff sheet.
Guitars: 7th graders need to master a minor and e minor. Some will be ready to learn C Major and G Major. 8th graders working on the above as well as D Major, D7, F Major, G7 and d minor. As a class we are singing and learning folk songs to go with all of these chords. Additionally, some students choose to learn single notes on the guitar strings.
Pianos: Students are taking piano lessons. 7th graders are learning basic simple melodies in the key of C. 8th graders are learning in the key of G and some are doing left hand as well. When we practice writing chords this week we will have them practice on keyboards and on Orff instruments.
Percussion / Ensemble Work: The students wrote percussion ensembles two weeks ago and will have time to practice. One member of each group will be encouraged to improvise on Orff instruments with two chords.
Composing: We will formally start composing this week. Students will compose for their specific instrument; piano, Orff instrument, or guitars with percussion