Lesson Plans
7-8 Life Music 3rd Q 10.11 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/24/2011 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Composing: Its been very exciting watching the students doing their latest composing. They are working in either a major or minor key and composing directly atthe keyboard this time so that they can play exactly what they write. We have a major goal of keeping very accurate tempos and rhythm values, using good fingering and counting. Many of the students are writing in the left hand as well.
Guitars: We are working on our set of songs for the audience sing- a -long we are planning for the next concert. Currently the students are becoming better at playing the following chords: a minor, e minor, G, G7, D, C, D7 and F. The most difficult thing at this time is getting quick transitions from chord to chord.
Rhythms: This week the students are going to create and practice rhythm patterns for drums to go with our guitar songs. They will also
choose two auxiliary percussion instruments for each piece. We will seek volunteers to play chords on either xylophone or metallophone for each song as well. This way we will have a real ensemble sound!
Effort: Students get a grade every day for their progress on either guitar or keyboards. The class is divided into two groups now so they do only one instrument each day. Parents, please be aware that there is now a unified grading scale throughout the school.