Lesson Plans
7-8 Life Music 3rd Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/16/2012 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Checkoff Sheets to be completed by February 13 will be distributed today;
These include skills in guitar, piano, composing, rhythm ensemble, and some theory as well as listening to a pops piece for music elements.
Practice new chords needed for Proud Mary and Bad Moon Rising.
Learn the melody and the words as well as add drums, possible auxiliary percussion.
Rhythm Ensembles:
Clean up and clarify instrumentation, beat, repeats, louds and softs, and accents.
Composing:Students need to get up to speed on this project. Many have rhythm outlined but not the notes filled in, much less having practiced it.
Piano Lessons:Mrs. Klasse continues to give lessons according to the students' ability level.
New students: keyboards and staff paper. Note names, keyboard names, get turquoise study sheet, continue creating own rhythm patterns.

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