Lesson Plans
7-8 Life Music 4th Q 10.11 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/21/2011 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements: New checklist starts today. Students will be making a choice regarding their composition from last quarter: play solo at concert or play in an ensemble at the concert, play in recital only. Some students will be making additions to their original piece, some students will be creating an entirely new piece, and many students will be gaining proficiency in playing their composition with both hands smoothly.
Perfect, lengthen, modify, practice.
Or start a new one
Play all chords for concert set of songs
start to Learn new chords for Guitar Set 3
Students choosing to play in an ensemble will need to have guitarist play the matching chords for their composition
We will be emphasizing improvisation, reading more complex patterns, reading the rhythms in choral scores from Charger Chorus
Keyboards: Emphasis this quarter will be on playing the corresponding notes they see in an actual score to what is on the piano. Students will practice playing vocal parts. Also students can choose to learn some new piano music with Peggy.