Lesson Plans
8th Grade Spanish 2nd Q 01.02 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/17/2001 Instructor: Nikki Jorgenson Academics
8A Spanish
1. Partner and read story orally in Spanish and English
2. Assign front side of question - complete sentences
8B Spanish
1. Review telling story from overhead
2. Add details to the story and retell
3. Partner and have students create illustrated story to tell on overhead.
8A Spanish
1. Check and collect assignment
2. Begin Chp. 4 chapter story with TPR review of vocab.
3. Tell story on overhead\
4. Retell with questions and fill in the blank
5. Partner students to retell
8B Spanish
1. Continue with overhead illustrations and retell for class.
8A Spanish
(Same as 8B on Tuesday)