Lesson Plans
Advanced Biology 1st Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/17/2012 Instructor: Angela Larson Academics
Topic: Review of chapters 5 &6
Lesson: Students will spend the class period review the concepts covered in chapter 5 & 6. The remainder of the class period will be spent finishing review wksts and working on the ATP advertisement.
Assignment: study for chapter 5 & 6 test/ finish wksts
Topic: Chapter 5 & 6 test/ Finish labs and ads
Lesson: When students finish taking their 5-6 test, they will work on completing their enzyme labs and ATP ads.
Assignment: Chapter 7 wkst
Students will take notes over chapter 7 on aerobic respiration. When they are finished, they will watch a video about genes and personality.
Topic: Aerobic respiration/ Anaerobic respiration Lesson:
Lesson: We will go through the notes from chapter 7 on aerobic respiration. We will discuss and start working on the aerobic respiration videos and watch some examples.
Assignment: Work on the chapter 7 wkst
Topic: Anaerobic respiration
Lesson: Students will set up an experiment to demonstrate anaerobic respiration through alcohol fermentation. The lab will run until next Tuesday. When the lab is set up, they will work on their video projects.
Assignment: Finish chapter 7 review wkst, work on video project