Lesson Plans
Advanced Biology 1st Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/23/2013 Instructor: Angela Larson Academics
Topic: Homecoming floats
Topic: Enzymes/ Electron carriers
Lesson: We will finish watching a video on enzymes and writing up the lab from Friday. At 2:15 students will be dismissed to attend messy homecoming games. Until that time, we will begin working on chapter 7, learning about reduction/ oxidation reactions.
Assignment: Begin working on the chapter 7 wkst/ watch aerobic resp. notes
Topic: Aerobic respiration
Lesson: We will clarify any questions students have over aerobic respiration notes they watched online. Students will spend time in class working on the review wkst and begin planning for their videos.
Assignment: Work on the chapter 7 wkst
Topic: Anaerobic respiration
Lesson: We will finish out our topic of energy by talking about how ATP is created when oxygen is not present.
Assignment: Finish the chapter 7 review wkst/ plan for videos
Topic: Fermentation
Lesson: Students will demonstrate anaerobic respiration by fermenting grape juice. We will set up the experiment and check results on Monday. Students will work with their groups to plan their aerobic respiration videos.
Assignment: Plan/ record videos for editing