Lesson Plans
Advanced Biology 1st Q 17.18 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/09/2017 Instructor: Jessica Laleman Academics
We will have work time for the enzyme skits during the first half of class. A group of students from SDSU will come to class during the second half to talk about biology and agricultural programs in college.
work on wkst
Today we will finish notes on enzymes and watch a mindbites video on enzymes.Then we will have worktime for groups to complete working on their enzyme skits.
work on Ch. 6 wksht
Students will complete a lab to test enzyme function and how it is affected by heat and pH. We will discuss our enzyme notes after completing the lab.
work on enzyme skit - due tomorrow
Ch. 6 wksht due tomorrow
work on lab write up
Today students will perform their enzyme skits and we will review thermodynamics and enzymes.
Study for enzymes quiz.
lab due tomorrow
The class will take a quiz on thermodynamics and enzymes. Then we will start talking about cell respiration, the Krebs cycle and the electron transport chain. I will introduce a cellular respiration project and students will start planning their project.
Work on ch. 7 wksht
Work on cell respiration project
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