Lesson Plans
Am. History 10 Period 1 3rd Q 05.06 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/06/2006 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
Do notes on Doolittle raid through Battle of Midway.
Watch actual footage of aerial dogfights and landings on flight decks.
Hand back Quiz 1
Watch "Day of Days", Part 2-Day-D
Continue with notes over Pacific War, Guadacanal, Iwo Jima through end of war. Section 3 quiz Wednesday
"Band of Brothers" Part 2 Day of Days, D-Day
Section 3 quiz plus questions over l940's video.
Continue notes on Sect. 4, War on the Home Front
discuss coupon books and ration stamps
"Band of Brothers"-continue Part 2-D-Day
Finish notes on the Home Front/
Worksheets back to study for Chapt. 27 test next week.
Finish Part 2-Day of Days and continue on to Carentan, Part 3
Conferences 1-8:00PM.
Early out at noon.
Monday -Part 5, Legacy of War
No school