Lesson Plans
American Government 2nd Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/08/2008 Instructor: Lynn Arndt Academics
Discuss group responses to scenarios on Economics from previous week
Late Start

Hand out sheet to students on "The High Price of Oil". Break students into groups. Have each student read the handout. Then they are to discuss in their group the questions on the back of the sheet.
Student to serve as recorder; another as presenter tomorrow

Discuss group responses. Add new ideas as appropriate.

Hand out worsheet on Economics--DEMAND Chapter 4. They may work in groups of 2-3 if they work quietly.
Assign the following on the worksheet: P 94 Defining terms #1 & 2; Reviewing Concepts and Facts #3 & 4; Critical Thinking #5 & 6. P 99-Defining terms #1; Reviewing Facts #2, 3, 4; Economic Concepts #5 & 6; P 107 Defining Terms #1; Reviewing Facts #2, 3, 4; Critical Thinking #5
Work on Demand Economics worksheets

Elasticity of Demand