Lesson Plans
American History 10 3rd Q 10.11 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/24/2011 Instructor: Mary Jo Hendrickson Academics
continue with the notes on world war II

*How did Hitler's strategy in Russia backfire?
**pages 770-773 War in the Pacific
* Students will explain how Japan expanded its empire before 1942
* Students will identify Midway as the turning point of the war in the Pacific

Begin the film Pearl
Students will read the NY Times paper for Dec. 8 1941 and discuss the first half of the period

Second half of the period students will work in the computer lab on their decade project
students will discuss Pearl Harbor and the war in the pacific
Students will continue the film on Pearl
Students the first half of the class period will finish discussion on Pearl Harbor. The Why's and Who's.
They will then be divided into group to read articles from December 15 and 22, 1941 Time Magazine.

*How was the attack presented to the American public
* When the U.S. declared war on three nations in five days, how did they look to the White House for leadership and action. What type of action were they looking for.
*How is the United States at war a great change for many of the cities of the nation? How did the American public react?
*Why was their Havoc at Honolulu following the attack? What were some of the good stories? The bad?

A worksheet will be given for them to put key facts on that will be added to a graphic organizer on the topic

Second half of the period students will be at the one act play
finish Thursday activity
watch part of Pearl

second half students will work in the computer lab