Lesson Plans
American History 10 Dolven 3rd Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/02/2004 Instructor: Shannon Helgeson Academics
Finish notes on Chapter 27-WWII
Review the Study Guide/Review for Ch 27 test tomorrow
Video: "Band of Brothers" (through Battle of the Bulge)

Test: Chapter 27
Read Chap. 28, sec 1 for Tuesday
"Truman - Neither War nor Peace"
Hand out Chapter 28 worksheets (due next Monday)
Video: "Band of Brothers"
Substitute - all students meet in Kleven's room
(Dolven at Social Studies Curriculum meeting)
Video: "Band of Brothers"
2 p.m. all students to Jackie Robinson presentation by Mixed Blood Theater
Discuss 28/1 "Beginnings of the Cold War"
Video: Korea (first 1/2 hr.) w/video questions sheet
Read Chap 28, sec 2 (1st half, 711-716) for Thursday
Discuss 1st half of 28/2 "Post-war challenges"
Hand out Ch 28 Study Guide
Video: Korea (last 1/2 hr.) w/video questions sheet
Read rest of section 2 for Monday
Quiz over Ch 28 material thus far on Monday
Assignment: Prep 10 questions for guest speaker about his
experience in Korea. Due Monday beg. of period.
Worksheets due Monday