Lesson Plans
American History 10 Kleven 3rd Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/02/2004 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
Finish any notes left over Chapt. 27-WWII
Go over Study guide-Review for Chapt. 27 Test Tuesday.
"Band of Brothers"-will go through section on Battle of the Bulge-both sections
Chapt. 27 Test
Hand out worksheets for Chapt. 28-Truman, Neither War nor Peace
"Band of Brothers"-both sections
Class from 1:30-2:00PM-Kleven in Social Studies Curriculum meeting.
Sub have both sections in Kleven's room, watch "Band of Brothers"
"Jackie Robinson" (lst black man to play major league baseball) play at 2:00 PM in H.S. auditorium
Start Chapt. 28 notes-Part I-Beginning of Cold War-Part 2 Dealing with a New World
Begin Korea tape last 1/2 hour of period-use video question sheet.
Hand out Study guides for Chapt. 28-worksheets due on Monday.
Quiz over information so far on Monday
Continue notes on Part II-Deal with a new world-Part III-President in own right(Truman)
last 1/2 hour-Korea tape
Assign: Prepare 10 questions to ask speaker about experience in Korea. Due beginning of period.