Lesson Plans
American History 10 Kleven 4th Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 05/03/2004 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
Class from 1:30-2:30
"Platoon"-finish, discuss question sheet
Finish notes on Chapt. 32-Viet Nam section
Go over study guides/touch on Miranda decision again-
Prep for speaker on Tuesday
"We Were Soldiers"-begin, go over question guide
Speaker-Officer Andrew Kleven-law enforcement and the Miranda decision/real life of policeman in small town
Community Room
Period 3 Am. History class, BOLT
Hand out question sheet
"We Were Soldiers"
Discuss question sheet
If any move left, watch before test."We Were Soldiers"
Chapt. 32 Test
Chapt. 33 handout
Begin tape on "Watergate-30 years later"
Work time
1:00 Student council can decorate for dance
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