Lesson Plans
American History 9 1st Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/12/2011 Instructor: Mary Jo Hendrickson Academics
finish chapter 13

student will be given a review worksheet to complete
test over chapter 13
students are to bring book report book with to class
Begin chapter 14 rad pages 464-469 The New Immigrants

Students will compare the immigrants after the civil war to those before
Students will review the idea of push and pull and the challenges that faced immigrants coming to America. Also how did immigrants adapt to their new life in a new world and maintain culture that they new.

Experience Ellis Island 470-471 and do the Thinking Critically
Film Unfinished nation: the age of the city
Students are to read472-476

homework assignment page 477 read and do one and two
What was the cause o urban growth in the 1800's
How did technology improve city life
what did immigration do to the growth of cities.
finish notes for sections one and two