Lesson Plans
American Literature 1st Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 08/27/2012 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Origin Literature--Genesis, Cherokee, Cheyenne: turn in qualities chart, write topic sentences for essay, what conclusions can be drawn from their similarities; read the event timeline:

The Northern Europeans--read the events in the timeline (p.p. 4-5); choose two of the three below: what event stands out between 1490 and 1640? Say which event stands out in a topic sentence and finish a paragraph answering why you think so. (p); how many years are there between the first English colony at Roanoke Island and the first permanent English settlement at Jamestown/why do you think it took so long to establish a permanent settlement? (p); draw a rough map of the east coast of the United States. Mark the locations of Roanoke Island, Jamestown, and Plymouth

Independent Reading

The Northern Europeans--type paragraph

The Calvinist tradition--lecture on the characteristics of Calvinism: total depravity, the elect, limited atonement; Pilgrims/Puritans (non-Conformists/Separatists), 1620

The Calvinist tradition--Jonathan Edwards: a sermon, 1741, imagery, the effect on a congregation; words; see video: http://www.learn360.com/ShowVideo.aspx?ID=253981&SearchText=jonathan+edwards

The Calvinist tradition: read from "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God", do 2. (b): w, 5. (a): l, 3. (b), 7. (a): l

The Calvinist tradition--review "Sinners": why might Edwards's imagery be particularly effective with his audience?; adoration: a contrast with Edwards--Edward Taylor, apostrophe, conceit; words: spinning wheel, distaff, flyers, reel, loom, quills, fulling mills; read Taylor/Bradstreet biography p. 92, what stands out in each (l)