Lesson Plans
American Literature 1st Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/17/2012 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
The Crucible--review the elements of a witch-hunt: threat, fear, suspension of normal burden of proof, acceptance of questionable evidence, discredit by association; words: p. 339, do exercises p. 340

Independent Reading--20 minutes

Weve read and contrasted/compared origin accounts: Genesis, Cheyenne, Cherokee; and weve read some early American Calvinism/Puritan stuff--Edwards, Taylor, Bradstreet, and a non-fiction piece on American religious tolerance, searching out dominant themes and the quality of imagery and how they reflect Calvinist/Puritan philosphy; weve read a couple of pieces considering how fear can be used to manipulate people.

Weve been moving towards The Crucible, which you start today. Yesterday we reviewed the video introductions we viewed: one an historical account of 1692 events in Salem, one on McCarthyism; of course, Millers The Crucible attempts to show how the two episodes in our history parallel each other. We reviewed common elements of a witch-hunt: threat, fear, suspension of normal burden of proof, acceptance of questionable evidence, discredit/guilt by association.

Words--collect the words handout I gave them yesterday.

The first reading intro: in a background of fear and tension (we discussed a bit the difficulties and fears people might have faced in 1692): one might call their Puritan society severe, but how might their tight control have helped them live in their environment? Read 1258-1261 (to the beginning of dialog): list two positive results of their rigid society--what was the policy and what might have been the positive result? Respond with sentence(s). Due tomorrow.


Collect the sentences from yesterday.

Miller tells us we can only pity the people of Salem. (1261) In the future he says we shall also be pitied. List two of our problems for which the future may feel pity. Respond with words. Take a few ideas after a few minutes then collect. Assign reading to Proctor interlude, p.1269. Due Thursday.


Start with the words exercise p.p. 341-342 (respond as indicated). Intro it by reminding students what antonym and synonym mean and group them as follows: p.341--Shane/Madison, Heather/Zua/Monika, Hunter/Trey; p.342--Dylan/Brodie, Alex B./Quentin, Affiny/Mai Her, Alex K./Kaeng. Take 15-20 minutes. Collect. Those not finished should finish the page as homework.

Review the reading to Proctors interlude: list and discuss the symptoms the victims display (including Mrs. Putnums and symptoms gleaned from hearsay (define hearsay). What seems to motivate Parris? Discuss and support with passages from the text.


Read p.1269 to the end of the act/pass out motives handout p.344. You should make sure students understand motivation. Both due Monday.
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