Lesson Plans
American Literature 1st Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/01/2012 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
1:00--Homecoming preparations.

Independent Reading

Review questions, act 2 to Hales entrance p. 1299. Pass out handout and review response types. Due first thing Wednesday.

Questions act 2 to Hales entrance p. 1299 due.

Review the elements of a witchhunt (students Take Note!) and discuss how each is manifest in The Crucible: threat, fear, suspension of normal burden of proof, acceptance of questionable evidence, discredit by association; find evidence of each in The Crucible; threat: unpredictable economics, native attack, changing government, the devil/the supernatural; fear: the call to Hale in response to the supernatural/devil threat, the formation of a court, a rise in mob psychology--cascading accusations, impulse mirroring; suspension of normal burden of proof: the victims, once accused, had to prove their innocence; acceptance of questionable evidence: spectral evidence, eyewitness testimony, testimony under coercion (Good confesses), poverty/mental illness as symptoms of, mumbling, reading books, infant mortality rates.

1:15--Climbing wall

In groups do vocab handout p. 566; each students keeps responses to be turned in: Dylan/Brody, Shane/Madison, Heather/Zua, Alex B./Quentin, Hunter/Trey, Affiny/Mai Her, Alex K./Kaeng. Take about 15 minutes. Those not finished, due tomorrow.

Intro questions, due first thing Friday; read to the end of the act.

Review and collect questions from Thursday. Group the class as indicated on Thursday. Pass out Allusions handout, p. 359/Vocab handout p. 361. Due at the end of the period or Monday if not finished.

Let the students know that theyll have a quiz on Act 2 on Monday.