Lesson Plans
American Literature 4th Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/19/2004 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Review from "Self-Reliance", list six ideas from the passage, students indicate if they agree or not; read from "The Americn Scholar", what's the metaphor present? explain. Design a metaphor of your own that captures Emerson's ideas.

Review spell/vocab ("Thanatopsis") sentences.

Type para. on Emerson's from "Self-Reliance".
Spell/Vocab quiz--"Thanatopsis".
Read Waldon, locate the metaphor in Waldon similar to Emerson "severed limbs".
Review Waldon, in groups list metaphors/symbols; read from "Civil Disobedience", questions: what's the wall between Thoreau and his townsmen? what would they need to do to break through it and "be as free" as he? would Thoreau believe in the idea of majority rule? explain using support from "Civil Disobedience". is democracy the most ideal form of government according to Thoreau? explain.
Calvinism/Puritism Romanticism requiz.

Review "Civil disobedience"; type paragraphs.
Read from "A Fourth-of-July Oration", p.p. 117-119; questions (list) 1, (para) 2a, (list) 3.

Lab time for typing/revision.