Lesson Plans
American Literature 4th Q 14.15 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/16/2015 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Class Intro--the course description: outcomes, grades, materials, rules

American literature--defined: who/what is american?, a shared language? the majority's?, a shared ethnicity?, a shared set of values? the occupiers of a geography?, what constitutes literature? stories? advertisements? what cultural characteristics does it reveal? literary archeology

Native American Origins stories--explaining the earth or humans or natural objects and phenomena; pre-reading: vocab--select list A or B (handout 7), do fill in blanks (handout 8), read/respond passage A or B (handout 9/10); read The Earth on Turtle's Back, 18-20, respond to 3, 20, due Tuesday by start of class

Native American origins stories--review vocab; review The Earth on Turtle's Back: fill in the "explanation" for the story (handout 11), what other cultural details are embedded? what can the reader infer about the importance of dreams in the culture?; oral history: why the animals are generically named--names are limiting, the animals are archetypes, representing important values, what values? what natural phenomena does the story explain?

read When Grizzlies Walked Upright; complete the "explanation" for the story (handout 11); read The Navajo Origin Legend; complete the "explanation" for the story; due Wed.; read Genesis 1-2

consider a matrix for comparing and contrasting the four origin stories--what points of comparison/contrast would you include?

Vocab ex.: questions

Small cart reserved

Native American origin stories--handout 11 due; make the matrix with a partner; find an origin story from a tribe from the upper midwest; add it to the matrix; review characteristics: explanations for natural phenomena, anthropomorphic, entertainment, archetype

Review vocab ex.;

Vocab quiz

Native American origins stories--quiz

Puritianism/Calvinism--characteristics of the philosophy: powerpoint; Smithsonian reading pre reading/vocab, questions

Jonathan Edwards--bio, read 100; pre-reading: vocab--select list A or B (handout 94), do fill in blanks (handout 95), read/respond passage A or B (handout 96/97)

Jonathan Edwards--review vocab ex.; do handout 99; read/hear "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God", respond to 2a (q), 2b (s), 3b (l), 5a (l): 106; respond to 3a (chart), 3b--why (not how) (s)