Lesson Plans
American Literature 4th Q 14.15 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/13/2015 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Romanticism--video interpretation of one of the poems: Bryant--Thanatopsis, The Westwind, The Journey of Life, Inscription to a Wood; Holmes--The Chambered Nautilus; Longfellow--The Children's Hour, A Psalm of Life;

Video interpretation--close reading due, audio capture; shooting/image selection; editing

Romanticism--video interpretation; review ex.

Video interpretation--audio capture; shooting/image selection; editing

Romanticism--review review ex.; quiz on Romanticism/Calvinism/Puritanism

Short story progression--intro to Irving, Hawthorne, Poe; intro to Irving/The Devil and Tom Walker (258): Faust origin, cardboard characters (archetypes), characterization strategies (direct and indirect); the narrative "envelope" and point of view (omniscient), satire (a humorous attack); vocab 7-8; read bio (256) and lit. concepts (257), power point overview/themes

The Devil and Tom Walker--review, p. 11 (what character trait is revealed in each), what the omniscient narrator reveals about characters, inferring cultural characteristics: p. 12, quiz; intro to Hawthorne, bio video; vocab--Dr. Heidigger's Exp; read, questions