Lesson Plans
Anatomy 3rd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/07/2013 Instructor: Angela Larson Academics
Topic: Directional Terms Lab
Lesson: Students will reinforce the idea of directional terminology by working through a lab activity related to directional terms.
Assignment: Work on chapter 1 packet and color worksheet
Topic: Cell biology
Lesson: Students will review basic cellular biology concepts by going through a powerpoint on mitosis, cell transport, transcription and translation and cell anatomy.
Assignment: Finish chapter 1 wksts, chapter 3 review wkst
Topic: Review of cellular biology
Lesson: We will finish reviewing biology concepts regarding the cell.
Assignment: Finish chapter 3 review wkst
Topic: Review of chapters 1 &3
Lesson: Students will spend the class period reviewing concepts covered in chapter 1 &3 by playing a review game. If time permits, they will work on wksts or review with a partner.
Assignment: Finish wksts for chapter 1 &3, study for test
Topic: Chapter 1 & 3 test
Lesson: Students will take a test over material from chapter 1 & 3. When everyone is finished, we will watch the first video in a series about the human body.
Assignment: Begin working on chapter 4 wkst