Lesson Plans
Anatomy 4th Q 16.17 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/03/2017 Instructor: Jessica Laleman Academics
Repro Packet Due

Test over Repro Unit
Study time
We will begin ch.5 notes on the integumentary system starting with the basic parts and layers.

Homework: Work on Ch. 5 packet
We will continue the integumentary layers and cover the accessory structures. We will watch Crash Course Integumentary System video.

Homework: Work on Ch. 5 packet
Today we will finish notes on the integument and students will create miniature models of the integument with some accessory structures.

Homework: Work on Ch. 5 packet
Students will finish their models and explain the parts to me. Then we will review for a test on the integumentary system that will be on Monday.

Homework: Work on Ch. 5 packet

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