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Animal Science 1st Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 08/22/2011 Instructor: Josh Barron Academics
Assembly in gym
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Large Animal Science
2011 Fall Semester
Time 8:25  9:12
TC Ag Room
Mr. Barron

This class has two goals. The first is to introduce students to the broad field of animal science. The second is to develop an appreciation of the importance of the livestock in American Agriculture and to the American economy. The student should become acquainted with the basic principles of modern livestock production through discussions of animal anatomy, genetics and breeding, lactation, growth and body composition, and nutrition.

Class overview

1. Domestication and Importance of Livestock
2. Career Opportunities in Animal Science
3. Safety in Livestock Production
4. Livestock and the Environment
5. Anatomy, Physiology, Feeding, and Nutrition
6. Animal Breeding
7. Beef Cattle
8. Swine
9. Sheep and Goats
10. Poultry
11. Dairy
12. Horses
13. Alternative animals

Grading Scale
A 100-95%
A- 94-92%
B+ 91-89%
B 88-86%
B- 85-83%
C+ 82-80%
C 79-77%
C- 76-74%
D+ 73-71%
D 70-68%
D- 67-65%
F 64-00%

 Attendance is graded
i. 3 unexcused absences equals 1 grade deduction
ii. 3 unexcused tardy equals 1 absence
 Grade breakdown
i. Tests/ quizzes  50 %
ii. Homework  25%
iii. Labs/ Field Trips  25%
1. If unexcused absence from a field trip you lose all points for the day but does not count as one of your three
2. If excused you must type a one page paper over the field trip topic to be handed in by the end of the next week.
 If an assignment is not handed in by due date 0 points
 If an assignment is not completed by due date will receive points for finished material but that is all
 Dress appropriately for field trips

** Be Safe on field trips
** Listen to instructor, sub and each other
** Absent students will have two days to make up missed work
** Stay positive
Domestication of Livestock PwPt
REview questions
Domestication of Livestock PwPt
Review questions
domestication of Livestock PwPt