Lesson Plans
Applied Economics 2nd Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/09/2015 Instructor: James Blahnik Academics
1. Collect assignment Entrepreneurs & Small Business Start-ups assignment".
2. Update new ideas students bring forward the result of returned assignment
2a. Reduce revised list to Top 3
2b. Complete pros vs cons T-chart for new ideas
2c. Reduce to Top 2 and final vote
1. Intro Ch. #1: What is Entrepreneurship?
2. Section 1.1: Entrepreneurship and the Economy
3. Objectives:
3a. How small business and entrepreneurship contribute to the economy
3b. How the laws of supply and demand in the free enterprise system affect entrepreneurship
3c. The ways in which entrepreneurs contribute to our free enterprise system
3d. Describe the entrepreneurial process
4. Assign: read pages 3-11
5. Assign: Activity 1 worksheet - Due Date: Wednesday, November 11
1. Collect: Activity 1
2. Section 1.2: The Entrepreneurial Process
3. Objectives:
3a. The process of entrepreneurship
3b. The components of a new venture organization
3c. How businesses succeed
4. Assign: read pages 12-15
5. Assign: Activity 2 worksheet - Due Date: Thursday, November 12
1. Collect: Activity 2
2. Assign: Self Test review worksheet - Due Date: Friday, November 13
3. Chapter Test 1 - Friday, November 6
4. Make Prairie Smoke sales calls to retail accounts.
1. Collect: Self Test review worksheet
2. Chapter Test 1
3. Complete call-backs to Prairie Smoke retail accounts that did not answer from Thursday, November 12.