Lesson Plans
Applied Economics 3rd Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/01/2016 Instructor: James Blahnik Academics
Assignment Due: Entrepreneurship Ch. 1 Intro. Activity

Video clip: What is an Entrepreneur?

Brief review from Friday 1-30: What is Entrepreneurship?

Lecture: Entrepreneurship: Innovation and Readiness
Happy Groundhog Day!

Handout: 12 Guiding Principles of The Entrepreneur

Lecture: Basic Business Building Blocks of an Entrepreneur
Lecture: The Laws of Supply and Demand

Assignment: Activity 1.2 - (Due Date: Thursday, February 4)
Assignment Due: Activity 1.2

Lecture: The Entrepreneurial Process

Assignment: Entrepreneurship Crossword - (Due Date: Friday, February 5)
Assignment Due: Entrepreneurship Crossword

In-class: Entrepreneur Jeopardy

Assignment: Chapter 1 Review - (Due Date: Monday, February 8)

Chapter 1 Test: Monday, February 8
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