Lesson Plans
Applied Economics 3rd Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/07/2016 Instructor: James Blahnik Academics
Final discussion/decision: BOLT Enterprises student operations team shirt design

Review: Part 1 - Feasibility Analysis: Testing An Opportunity

Discussion: Part 1 - Developing a Business Concept
Wrap-up: Developing a Business Concept

Discussion: Part 1 - Studying the Competition: Competitive Grids

Assignment: Feasibility and Business Planning - Fill in the Bank (Due Date: Wednesday, March 9)
Assignment Due: Feasibility and Business Planning - Fill in the Bank

Class Activity: My WWG Business Naming, Concept, and Feasibility Analysis
Class Activity: My WWG Competitive Grid

Introduce Small Business Administration website
Discussion: Part 2 - The Business Plan: The Purpose of the Plan
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