Lesson Plans
Art 8 4th Q 14.15 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/16/2015 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
In this class we will look more in depth into the principles of art while reviewing the elements.
There are 7 of each.
First day is a day for rules and guidelines, it is also the beginning of making their book
cover 6 pages break 10 pages break 10 pages break 20 pages break 20 pages back cover
We drill holes in these for binding but will not start that today. Take time to design or draw a cover name in the upper right hand corner.
drill holes, stitch the book.
continue design of the cover and back cover 5 points
The first drawing is of a panda bear. i am looking for shape and the use of line as texture in the fur.
the next drawing is of an eagles face,lines,value and shape
element of art is line,we will define 9 elements of art and then do a drawing by deciding the paper in 4ths, we will draw in 3 squares and the students will draw in one.
Remember friday drawing
continue with line exercise as needed. Then move on to shape.give the student notes on shape. Write the notes in the element of art section.Shape at its easiest definition is an enclosed line,organic and geometric Divide the paper into 4ths vert and horizontal. Lay the book horizontal ,in the upper right create a city with geometric shapes,in the upper right draw a country scene in organic shapes, in the lower left draw a city scene in geometric shapes in the lower right draw a country with geometric shapes,challenge draw a tree with geometric shapes. Matessie video on cutting out shapes and putting them together.
Do a many colored piece glued on to large paper in the matties style which is to say large and small overlapping shapes . hang in the hallway.
friday drawing