Lesson Plans
Art 8 4th Q 14.15 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/23/2015 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
no school
finish the matisee piece the was started on friday.
Now they will move on to the drawing of the flowers this will use shape and value

this is in preparation for baroque work.
Notes on baroque art time period , couple of artists, images of work and flowers,music if possible , i have a baroque tape.

Drawing in pencil now on the large white paper of a flower the the folder i have available.
After the pencil drawing is done they are to color it with oil pastels,top shelf yellow container and top drawer red and black cart. Look for the use of the oils,using more then one color to define a flower,using a couple greens for the leaves etc.
draw flower

we will do a watercolor wash over the flower,.black washed out a little water color,i set up a station where np more then 2 people can work at a time. i like to try them put a little brown down around the flowers then move out to black.
Work on friday drawing
notes on value, i have a sheet for them to fill in and then put in their book in elements of art
As sheet for shading to do, then put in the elements of art section .
After this they will draw the vegetables and shape them.